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    Petit Tea News

    What to Look For in Great Tea

    What to Look For in Great Tea


    Think of the best restaurant you have ever been to. Think of the happy people enjoying themselves, the smells of the kitchen that started to make your mouth water and the wonderful crusty bread that crackled when you broke it. Then when the food came it was probably so delicious and wonderful. 

    If you took that food and ate it in your family room in front of the TV, would it be the same experience? Of course not. Tea is the same way. Now, I am not saying that you need to go out to a restaurant for tea, but the reason why we look back at our favorite dining experiences is because they involved most of our senses. I highly recommend you try following these tips with every one of your favorite teas. You will find out that, by paying attention to your physical senses, you will enjoy each tea so much more. Here is how you can take advantage of your sense of smell, touch and sight when drinking tea.

    The leaves
    Before you try any tea, make sure that you look at the leaves closely. Pay attention to the size, cut and color of the leaves. Good leaves should have a bit of a shine to them. They should not look dull or dry. Look at the leaves again after the tea is brewed. The tea leaves should start to look like actual leaves from a plant. It is common for people to pick up the brewed leaves and inspect it in their hands. Remember, tea comes from a plant so the brewed leaves should look like something you find in nature. 

    The aroma
    After you brew the tea stick your nose right up against the tea leaves (not the liquid) an take a big whiff. When you do this think of other things that it reminds you of. For example, notes of walnut, lemon and fresh grass are famous in Sencha. You will notice that the smell will be surprisingly diverse with hints of wonderful aromas that you never get if you just take a sniff and move on. 

    The finish
    When you take a sip of the tea, put your tea cup down and just sit there and pay attention to the flavor of the tea on your tongue for 30 seconds. Don't check email, your phone or talk to anyone, but just sit and reflect on the flavor. You will notice that the flavor will start off one way and then transform into something different as it lingers on your palate. This is one of the reasons why people say they don't have a palate to tell the difference between very good and great. A lot of the time it is just disconnecting and letting your sense of taste and smell work its magic. 

    The Umami
    Not all teas have Umami, but if you are drinking a Japanese Green Tea or an Oolong, there is a good chance you will get this sensation. Umami is actually one of the 5 taste senses that, oddly enough, isn't actually a taste. It is a thickness to the broth that adds a bit of savoriness to the tea through the sense of touch rather than taste. So when you drink it notice how the tea liquor is thicker than most teas. This gives a tongue-coating sensation that is constantly sought after due to the fact it almost coats the taste buds. 

    When you get to a good tea, it is important to really take advantage of every aspect of every sip. Teas like that are not only flavorful, but they also enhance almost all the senses. When you come across a ridiculously good tea, be sure to savor every bit of it. You will find out that it makes your experience so much more rewarding. 


    What's so Good about this Tea Bag?

    Today's topic is something more simple. Drinking Tea from a tea bag; we are all very familiar with it and have definitely had a cup at least a dozen times in our lives ( if you're reading this, chances are you've had it 100 times more).  But it's actually not that simple, and it's infinitely more interesting than a plain old cup of tea. I'm talking about our Naturals n Organics Natural Fiber Tea Bags. 


     Compared to your generic paper tea bags, this amazingly green and sustainable product provides a completely different experience. For starters, they don't have a chance of leeching harmful chemicals in to your cup of tea so you can enjoy your tea in its 100% pure flavor. At the same time, the bag and the boxes use the least amount of material as possible and are made from 100% biodegradable natural fibers. This means they don't take many resources from the earth and when they do, everything we take gets return. They're also 100% USDA Certified Organic so you know anything that goes on to these teas is certified natural and organic!

    The next important thing is that they're Fair Trade, meaning that the workers and their working conditions are made to take care of them in good health while also ensuring they are page fair wages enough to support their families and make a good living. Although everyone seems to be talking about fair trade not many people really understand how few companies actually enforce the practice. That is exactly why it is such an honor to have this certification. I can fully relax knowing that the people who prepared these tea bags are happy and being taken care of. 

    What's even better is that these organic teas have a wide variety of flavors. So you don't have to make a sacrifice of flavor over sustainability. These teas in their amazing tea bags aren't just for today, but they're also our responsibility to ensure a better tomorrow! 



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    Is it Martini or Marteani?


    No matter who you are, when you think of Tea, you think of two things: 1. a hot and fragrant cup of your favorite cup of tea, or 2. a cool and refreshing cup of iced tea. Of course these are the most common ways to drink your tea, but what if there was more? What if, all this time, you were looking at tea the wrong way? Imagine drinking tea in a way that was more modern, more sophisticated and more…alcoholic? That’s exactly it. For most of you, have no idea what I mean, I’m talking about Cocktail Tea Infusions. When we drink our liquors, spirits or other alcoholic beverages, one of our more popular vices, we tend to pair them with more unhealthy options such as soda, juices made of concentrate or pop. These mixes are very sugary and don’t always mix well causing you to ruin that perfect glass of vodka.

    Cocktail Tea Infusions are exactly what they sound like, it’s infusing your favorite premium whole leaf tea with your favorite liquor or liquor. These cocktail infusions are a much healthier, zero calorie alternative to sugary/fizzy mixes. What’s even better is that the tea still releases rich antioxidants while also adding a unique and impeccable flavor to your drink. I’m sure you’ve never tried a Bailey’s Chai Latte or an Earl Grey Vodka.

    This is where our Tea Infusers come in. These Tea infusers are perfect for making hot tea, but they also make ice tea and steep directly in your favourite cocktail spirits. All you have to do is place the tea infuser in a cocktail glass, add your favourite spirits, allow it to steep for 5-8 minutes and then you add any other cocktail ingredients you want. It’s actually that simple! To see our unique flavours for our Tea Infusers, check out Petit Tea or Opulence under ‘Our Brands’ or click here. I’ve “tested” each of these flavours on multiple occasions, with multiple alcoholic beverage and I love them all. Each Tea Infuser makes about two cocktails. My personal recommendation and to keep in the theme of the holidays try the drink I mentioned earlier, a Bailey’s Chai Latte. This drink can be drank hot or cold and it’s made exactly the way it sounds. You take your desired amount of Baileys (or any crème liqueur) and a Masala Chai Latte Tea Infuser (or any flavour you want), and just steep it for about 5-8 minutes. If you want to drink it warm, just microwave the steeped Bailey’s. Finally, to add that extra richness, you don’t want to forget a nice swirl of whipped cream and some cinnamon or nutmeg powder….Excuse me, I’m going to go make some now!

    See you next week!


    Welcome to Modern Teas

    Welcome to Modern Teas

    Dear Reader,

    First and foremost, welcome to our brand new website. Petit Tea began ten years ago and with it, we had our old website. For those of you who are more familiar with our product, you may have seen our website. But since we last had it open, we’ve made some changes. Like our products, we too have decided to become modern. As you go through the various links, products and history you will no longer have such a robotic feeling browsing our site, but hopefully enjoy the experience. Since we care about your voice and want to know what you think of our teas, we’ve completely changed our Facebook Page, Petit Tea, and even created a Twitter account! If you want to support us, be sure to follow us or give our page a like; there’s also a mailing list you can sign up for so you’ll receive great deals or special Friends & Family promotions.

    With all that being said, let’s go in to more depth about how we will be running our blog. Obviously most of the blog posts will be centered on Tea and Tea Culture. Over the next little while, we will be posting various information to give you a bigger background of our products and let you know why Petit Tea is so proud of the products we have. As the posts go, blogs will get more personal, regarding personal experiences we have had with our products, or even tea culture in general. To mix the writing styles up a bit, and always keep things interesting, if we come across a certain article or another person’s blog, or even if one of us finds something interesting, we’ll share it on our blog. This way there will always be new content.  Like I mentioned earlier, Petit Tea cares about what you think so each of our posts will have a comments section as well to allow you to discuss the topics or even give your own experiences. Tea Culture has grown so much and everyone has a unique story about their experiences. We want to hear what you have to say.

    So with all that being said, Welcome to the brand new Petit Tea. Be sure to check everything out, the holidays are almost here and what’s better than sharing a nice hot cup of premium quality tea with your loved ones?

    To give you a bit of a heads up, the next post is going to be a bit about our Tea Infusers and we’re going to teach you about cocktail Tea Infusions. I’m sure you’ve never tried a Bailey’s Masala Chai Latte or an Earl Grey Vodka.




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