What's so Good about this Tea Bag?

Today's topic is something more simple. Drinking Tea from a tea bag; we are all very familiar with it and have definitely had a cup at least a dozen times in our lives ( if you're reading this, chances are you've had it 100 times more).  But it's actually not that simple, and it's infinitely more interesting than a plain old cup of tea. I'm talking about our Naturals n Organics Natural Fiber Tea Bags. 


 Compared to your generic paper tea bags, this amazingly green and sustainable product provides a completely different experience. For starters, they don't have a chance of leeching harmful chemicals in to your cup of tea so you can enjoy your tea in its 100% pure flavor. At the same time, the bag and the boxes use the least amount of material as possible and are made from 100% biodegradable natural fibers. This means they don't take many resources from the earth and when they do, everything we take gets return. They're also 100% USDA Certified Organic so you know anything that goes on to these teas is certified natural and organic!

The next important thing is that they're Fair Trade, meaning that the workers and their working conditions are made to take care of them in good health while also ensuring they are page fair wages enough to support their families and make a good living. Although everyone seems to be talking about fair trade not many people really understand how few companies actually enforce the practice. That is exactly why it is such an honor to have this certification. I can fully relax knowing that the people who prepared these tea bags are happy and being taken care of. 

What's even better is that these organic teas have a wide variety of flavors. So you don't have to make a sacrifice of flavor over sustainability. These teas in their amazing tea bags aren't just for today, but they're also our responsibility to ensure a better tomorrow! 



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