About Us

We are a Tea Company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, our products are world class and as unique as us. We have been around for over fourteen years because we care for our customers on a personal basis.

We started with a simple thought that like everything else tea too needs to change and evolve to match your modern lifestyle. Tea bags have been around for over 100 years and have become the main stream infusion system. Unfortunately tea bags contain powder tea (called fanning or dust) that soaks up water and collapse under their own weight leaving no room for tea leaves to float, uncurl and release their fine aromas & flavors freely. It's about time they joined the modern world! We needed to change that and developed unique infusion systems that give a vastly superior tea experience.

We are unique in the sense that we offer three superior tea infusion systems that have evolved the modern tea drinking experience to the next level. You now have the choice of tea infusers, artisan pyramid sachets and natural fiber tea bags. Our infuser are designed to infuse premium quality, anti-oxidant rich leaf tea combining the pleasure of whole leaf tea with unmatched convenience.

Our Naturals-N-Organics artisan pyramid tea sachets are made from bio-degradable silken mesh. This material can be fully composted without harming the environment. Tea Infusers and natural fiber tea bags on other hand are fully recyclable. All packing material is fully recyclable and is made from recycled material saving the environment and cost. Where possible we use non-toxic soy based inks to print our boxes to help reduce pollutant discharge in our eco-system.  

An exceptional tea drinking experience awaits you.

Browse through our web site or just contact us for more info.

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