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Dear Reader,

First and foremost, welcome to our brand new website. Petit Tea began ten years ago and with it, we had our old website. For those of you who are more familiar with our product, you may have seen our website. But since we last had it open, we’ve made some changes. Like our products, we too have decided to become modern. As you go through the various links, products and history you will no longer have such a robotic feeling browsing our site, but hopefully enjoy the experience. Since we care about your voice and want to know what you think of our teas, we’ve completely changed our Facebook Page, Petit Tea, and even created a Twitter account! If you want to support us, be sure to follow us or give our page a like; there’s also a mailing list you can sign up for so you’ll receive great deals or special Friends & Family promotions.

With all that being said, let’s go in to more depth about how we will be running our blog. Obviously most of the blog posts will be centered on Tea and Tea Culture. Over the next little while, we will be posting various information to give you a bigger background of our products and let you know why Petit Tea is so proud of the products we have. As the posts go, blogs will get more personal, regarding personal experiences we have had with our products, or even tea culture in general. To mix the writing styles up a bit, and always keep things interesting, if we come across a certain article or another person’s blog, or even if one of us finds something interesting, we’ll share it on our blog. This way there will always be new content.  Like I mentioned earlier, Petit Tea cares about what you think so each of our posts will have a comments section as well to allow you to discuss the topics or even give your own experiences. Tea Culture has grown so much and everyone has a unique story about their experiences. We want to hear what you have to say.

So with all that being said, Welcome to the brand new Petit Tea. Be sure to check everything out, the holidays are almost here and what’s better than sharing a nice hot cup of premium quality tea with your loved ones?

To give you a bit of a heads up, the next post is going to be a bit about our Tea Infusers and we’re going to teach you about cocktail Tea Infusions. I’m sure you’ve never tried a Bailey’s Masala Chai Latte or an Earl Grey Vodka.




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  • natalya
    can you recycle your sachets? I sure hope so as I love the green tea with lemon grass.

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