Is it Martini or Marteani?


No matter who you are, when you think of Tea, you think of two things: 1. a hot and fragrant cup of your favorite cup of tea, or 2. a cool and refreshing cup of iced tea. Of course these are the most common ways to drink your tea, but what if there was more? What if, all this time, you were looking at tea the wrong way? Imagine drinking tea in a way that was more modern, more sophisticated and more…alcoholic? That’s exactly it. For most of you, have no idea what I mean, I’m talking about Cocktail Tea Infusions. When we drink our liquors, spirits or other alcoholic beverages, one of our more popular vices, we tend to pair them with more unhealthy options such as soda, juices made of concentrate or pop. These mixes are very sugary and don’t always mix well causing you to ruin that perfect glass of vodka.

Cocktail Tea Infusions are exactly what they sound like, it’s infusing your favorite premium whole leaf tea with your favorite liquor or liquor. These cocktail infusions are a much healthier, zero calorie alternative to sugary/fizzy mixes. What’s even better is that the tea still releases rich antioxidants while also adding a unique and impeccable flavor to your drink. I’m sure you’ve never tried a Bailey’s Chai Latte or an Earl Grey Vodka.

This is where our Tea Infusers come in. These Tea infusers are perfect for making hot tea, but they also make ice tea and steep directly in your favourite cocktail spirits. All you have to do is place the tea infuser in a cocktail glass, add your favourite spirits, allow it to steep for 5-8 minutes and then you add any other cocktail ingredients you want. It’s actually that simple! To see our unique flavours for our Tea Infusers, check out Petit Tea or Opulence under ‘Our Brands’ or click here. I’ve “tested” each of these flavours on multiple occasions, with multiple alcoholic beverage and I love them all. Each Tea Infuser makes about two cocktails. My personal recommendation and to keep in the theme of the holidays try the drink I mentioned earlier, a Bailey’s Chai Latte. This drink can be drank hot or cold and it’s made exactly the way it sounds. You take your desired amount of Baileys (or any crème liqueur) and a Masala Chai Latte Tea Infuser (or any flavour you want), and just steep it for about 5-8 minutes. If you want to drink it warm, just microwave the steeped Bailey’s. Finally, to add that extra richness, you don’t want to forget a nice swirl of whipped cream and some cinnamon or nutmeg powder….Excuse me, I’m going to go make some now!

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