Premium Natural Tea in World Class Tea Infusers
Elegantly luxurious, amazingly convenient

Unlike tea bags, Opulence Tea Infusers do not collapse when steeped in water, allowing tea leaves the desired space to uncurl and release delicate flavours and aromas to the water it steeps in.

These modern tea infusers are an elegantly superior alternative to the tea bag and loose leaf tea. Designed to hold tannin longer to keep teas from becoming bitter brewing that perfect cup every time, regardless of how strong you want it.

An elegant Slide out tray in the box holds eight Tea Infusers in four unique flavours. Each Tea Infuser is individually sealed in BOPP film to retain freshness and flavour.

Each Variety Pack holds 8 Tea Infusers: 2 of each flavor

Bergamot Citrus Tea - Premium Black tea with sliver tips & natural bergamot oil.

Lavender Green Tea - High grown green tea flavored with lavender flowers and natural lavender oil.

Morning Dew Tea - Premium blend of Darjeeling black tea.

Cashmere Saffron Tea - A unique blend of green tea, natural cardamom and cinnamon.

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