Petit Tea

Thinking outside the Tea Bag

Tea Infusers not only make top quality Hot Tea, but also make excellent natural Ice teas and infuse directly in spirits to give exotic tea infused Cocktail & Martinis.

Hot Tea:
Brew loose leaf tea directly in a cup, no tea pot, strainer or stirrer required. Simply pour hot water over the Tea Infuser in a cup and your world class tea is ready to sip. Unlike tea bags, Tea Infusers remain firm, allowing space for tea leaves to uncurl and release delicate flavours & aromas. Master the art of brewing premium loose leaf teas with our perfectly blended & individually measured Tea Infusers. Enjoy convenience and smae taste in each cup.

Martinis & Cocktail Infusions:
Tea Infusers infuse directly in your favourite spirits (Rum, Vodka, Gin, Tequila & more) to give you great tea infused martinis, margaritas & cocktails. Let it rest in your martini glass and it continues to release delicate natural flavours in your drink while doubling as a stirrer.

Iced Tea:
Tea Infusers also make Ice Teas that are naturally flavourful, sugar free and antioxidant rich. No Chemicals or artificial flavouring used. Just steep the tea infuser in hot water for a minute and then plunge it in cold water and allow to steep for about 12-15 minutes. Add ice and your ice tea is ready to serve.

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