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About Us
We are proud of the fact that we are not an average online tea store trying to sell you ‘Tea Traditions’. We are in the business of creating healthy contemporary lifestyles that are based on tea.

Tea, because of its widely documented health benefits is fast catching up with coffee in North America and will surpass coffee within the next few years. Unlike coffee, tea offers a wide selection of health benefits, flavors and taste. This is both good and bad. Good, because you have a large list to pick from and bad because such a wide selection can confuse most people. Then there is the convenience factor that keeps many people from enjoying tea. It is not very practical whipping up a whole arsenal of tea Kettles, infusers, warmers and stirrers just to brew a good cup of tea. Imagine fussing over those ‘tea things’ on an average week day. Not very practical, is it? No its not. And paper tea bags haven’t changed much since they were invented. They leave a dripping trail of tea laced with glue and paper chemicals all the way to the trash can. So much for tradition.

This is where we decided to break away from the tradition and give you a tea experience that is as modern and as contemporary as your life style.

First we designed a tea stick that can be brewed directly in a cup and is rigid and roomy enough to allow your favorite loose leaf teas to uncurl and impart their full flavor to the hot water that you pour over it.

Second, we designed a ‘Select Your Tea’ tab and located it conveniently on all pages of our web site. This innocent looking tab opens a whole new tea experience for you. It allows you to search for teas that best match your favorite foods. Yes, we have successfully paired teas with your favorite foods.

All tea producing countries have a rich tea tradition and tea culture where tea is an important part of everyday food. Like wine, tea pairs perfectly with food but tea is a healthier option to wine. We have made this fact an important part of our marketing philosophy. We have invested great deal of resources in pairing our teas with western foods to give you a unique tea experience. Our web site is the most comprehensive online resource on “tea and food pairing” that makes tea selection a breeze even for the beginners. So if you are new to tea, just click on the ‘Select Your Tea’ tab and explore this wonderful world of tea.

If you are more familiar with teas, you will still find our ‘Select Your Tea’ tab very helpful in selecting your favorite tea by type (Classic Teas, Flavored Teas, Organic Teas or Caffeine-Free Teas), name or by region the tea is produced in. Or you may directly click on any tea type to select teas by their class (black, green, oolong or white teas).

Welcome to our world of modern tea and let it refresh, relax and de-stress you. Enjoy!!

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